The why for the Wrenn Bird Nest Experience

When Wrenn Bird Photography was created 7 years ago I had tried it all…families, seniors, weddings and anything else. I fell in love with wedding photography and started structuring my business to just be all about weddings. I loved and still do love to connect with couples that are planning their big day and are preparing for a lifetime together. However, after our second child was born last June, my world turned upside down. I struggled with an overwhelming amount of guilt because I felt like there wasn[‘t enough of me to go around. I also experienced a little postpartum depression and just felt like I was failing someone in my life all of the time. Which I know now, was not true, but damn, it was hard and still is somedays. So through the last year, I have learned to take time for myself through exercise and yoga. I have learned that not every day is going to be perfect and I am never going to get everything done on my to do list and some days, everyone may not get what they want, when they want it and that’s okay.

I have also learned that I love connecting with other mothers…mothers that have little ones or big ones, mothers that work at an office or from home or work as a mother, full-time everyday. So the Wrenn Bird Nest Experience was born! And I want to connect with these mothers and provide an experience of capturing these everyday moments with their children. My wish is for these sessions to capture you as a family today, so that one day your children will be able to look back and see how much you LOVED them, how much joy they brought to your life and it not be about the perfect location, but about the about the fun and laughter that is in your everyday life! This is the family side of Wrenn Bird and I am so excited to offer these lifestyle sessions for families! There is more about these session on the About page and the Packages section of this new website.

These photos where taken about a year ago…We have family pictures scheduled soon. I can’t wait to get new ones of our little family! My Mom took all of these other than the one of Leo and Ross together. 

With this new website I also plan to blog about our life with our two little cowboys and even share a few recipes here and there. I am also going to give some tips and tricks on how to prepare for a lifestyle session. As well as share some photography tips on how to capture your everyday moments with your phone! To be honest, most of the everyday photos I take of our boys are with my phone! So stay tuned and if you’re a momma, I want to connect with you…I want to share this crazy ride of joys and struggles that motherhood presents!

These where all shot with my IPhone…follow me over on my personal IG account at wrennpacheco. I love new friends! 

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