Leo | First Day of Preschool

Last week I posted on my personal Instagram account how while everyone else was posting pictures of their kiddo’s first day of school I was going to soak up my mornings in the garden with my boys, because before I know it would be our turn. Well our turn came a lot faster than I planned! Back in March we went to a county developmental screening to see where Leo was in his social and cognitive development. With this screening there was a chance we would be invited to join the local preschool at the grade school. However, there was not room for him then and I kind of forgot all about it and we kept moving on with life as is. Then on Friday we got a call asking if we were still interested in Leo joining the 3-year-old preschool class and if so he would be what they call a “Peer Leader”. We were honored but had some reservations about it. Reservations, because was he really ready to start a regular preschool, are we going to push him too much, will he be that too smart, but bored and therefore trouble maker when he got to Kindergarten…So much to think about and consider! Well, we pushed all those reservations aside and our little 4lbs 10oz baby boy started school today! I know that this smart, witty, social little cowboy will excel and will be one of the best Peer Leaders in the class!

Here is our morning of the first day!2017-08-23_00022017-08-23_00012017-08-23_00032017-08-23_00042017-08-23_0005

Leo…I know you will go and do great things! You are the light of our lives! We love you! Mom and Dad

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