When Wrenn Bird Photography was created 7 years ago I had tried it all…families, seniors, weddings and everything in between. I fell in love with wedding photography and started structuring my business to just be all about weddings. I loved and still do love to connect with couples that are planning their big day and are preparing for a lifetime together. I have also found a new love and that is of networking with other mothers…mothers that have little ones or big ones, mothers that work at an office or from home or work as a mother, full-time everyday.   I want to connect with these moms and provide them with the experience of capturing the everyday moments with their children. I want these sessions to capture your family as they are today, so that one day your children can look back and see how much you LOVED them and how much joy they brought to your life.  The perfect location is not as important as capturing the memory of the fun and laughter that was a part of your everyday life! So the Wrenn Bird Nest Experience was born! This is the “family” side of Wrenn Bird and I am so excited to offer these lifestyle sessions for families!



What is the Wrenn Bird Nest Experience? Well, it is me, a mom and a wife, with a camera and you and your family being you! I want to capture you, bare feet and all, as you are…you in your kitchen making pancakes on a Saturday morning or swinging your kids in the back yard and laughing A LOT. I want to step back and let the true emotion happen. The nuts and bolts of the Wrenn Bird Nest Experience consists of me scheduling a time that I will come into your home and you guys just be you…I don’t want you to have to worry about the perfect outfit or the perfect location. I want to focus on what you do as a family every day! So as for me and my family, it might be time spent in the kitchen with little boys riding “broncs” around us or outside in our backyard swinging on the swing set. Maybe even the boys playing in the dirt as we tend our garden. I want to capture memories, not settings!

A little more about me…
I am a wife to a cowboy and a momma to two little cowboys! I love coffee, red wine, good food and running down a quiet country road! We are raising our rowdy boys in a farm house that is over 100 years old, nestled in the heart of the Flint Hills surrounded by cows, horses and dogs!

Photos by the amazing Bethany Meysenburg of Meysenburg Photography!